We are looking ahead to 2022 and beyond.

This is how we described ourselves before Covid sent us into a world-without-gatherings.

We look forward to our 2022 return to in-person gatherings of all sorts.


What is the Unconventional Film School?

Unconventional Film School is a Charlotte, NC based organization that brings together working professionals to teach the adults who want to learn from them through short-duration classes.

Since 2017, we have served hundreds of adults through our in-person events and in late 2020 are turning toward additional online events. We are also creating some limited programming for people under 18 to pursue filmmaking skills late Fall 2020.

Engage with us!

You can find us on social media. We’re also about to announce our new schedule of workshops, classes and networking events and hope you’ll join us .

We are expanding, evolving and changing and constantly innovating. This website will be the h.q. for the many announcements we’ll be making soon.

A few Quick Highlights from our History

2016-After owning a camcorder for a year, I (Julie McElmurry) committed to make a documentary in 8 weeks (which started with having to google “how do you make a documentary?”). Made 1 more in 2016 and 2 in early 2017.

2017-I (Julie McElmurry) wanted to find motivated people like me who were learning filmmaking by actually making their own films (not waiting around to be “picked” by others) so I created a meetup group (I’d created my first meetup group in 2012 but that’s another story.)

I had run the logistics of a graduate school program for 4 summers + taught college students for 22 semesters + taught adults for 7 years, so I knew I could level up quickly from being merely a meetup group to actually organizing classes.

2018-Kicked off our first semester with 10 enrolled students and a series of 12 classes. Additional classes in Summer and Fall 2018.

2019-Through a partnership with the Charlottte Mecklenburg Library, we offered a series of 10 classes on Saturday afternoons, serving over 600 local adults in the Spring semester. Additional classes in Summer and Fall 2019.

2020-Offered 4 classes through the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library in January and a documentary filmmaking class in March-April (went online by April). Organizing virtual meet-and-greets via zoom to continue our focus on gathering people.

Please join us. Enjoy these shots from our parties, events and classes. We are adults who are actively curious and learning.

“Learning more about film through workshops and networking.”

Workshops and Networking

“It’s an excellent opportunity to be part of a community of folks trying to improve their filmmaking skills.”

Be Part of A Community