Characteristics of our Teachers

We’ve had great teachers as part of The Charlotte Film School since our beginnings just a few months ago. I’m writing this list as both the Director and a student of The Charlotte Film School. Maybe these will resonate with you.

1. Show us your work.

night television tv videoWe’ve enjoyed seeing their work in the weeks before class (at home, as a sort of “homework”) and in class as they use their own work to illustrate some of the points they are making (the good, the bad and the ugly points).

2. Perhaps you were formally educated or self-taught.

light-man-room-541984.jpgTeachers have come to us with a variety of perspectives, life experience and combinations of skills, wisdom and knowledge. Much respect to people who are out there doing it. Whether

3.  You are reliable.

monochrome photography of people shaking hands

We bring together local professionals and the men and women who want to learn from them. To do this with aplomb, it means maintaining good communication in advance, teachers and organizers showing up an hour before class to get settled in, keeping the commitment of the scheduled class.

Do these sound like you? If so,

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Reach out. Let’s get this conversation started.