Teach with Us


Be part of a diverse group of leaders who are shaping the future of film in the Charlotte area.

Teach what you Love

We bring together local professionals and the men and women who want to learn from them.

Teaching filmmaking skills to men and women in the Charlotte area means more original works are created.

During the one (or more) classes you opt to teach with The Charlotte Film School, you’ll hone your teaching skills, reconnect with your own Original Excitement about filmmaking and connect with new people.

Our teachers enjoy a comfortable, welcoming environment. We promise to make this the most positive experience possible before, during and after your teaching.

You’ll work with us to discern the best format for your topic (a Saturday workshop or weeknight series or intensive weekend, are examples of formats). We’ll partner with you to discern the topic you love most that you’d most enjoy teaching. You’ll be challenged to be bold and work through your fear. You’ll translate some of your own acquired skills, knowledge and wisdom into nuggets to pass on.

Click here to read about some of the characteristics of good Charlotte Film School Teachers.

If you’d like to teach with us…

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Why should I teach with The Charlotte Film School?

1. Hone your teaching skills


If you’re interested in pursuing a job in academia, teaching with TCFS will be an excellent stepping stone toward that. We’ll work with you on your resume, attend regional conferences related to film education and more. You’ll hone your teaching skills when you teach with us.

Afraid to teach adults?

That’s not an obstacle (for long). We can teach you how to teach if needed. Julie, the Director of TCFS, has  4 years experience coordinating logistics for a grad school program and 19 years of experience teaching adults. She’ll work with you to employ best practices when it comes to teaching adults. Most of what we’ll do is hands-on anyway, something you already know well.

2. Reconnect with your own Original Excitement about filmmaking


A true joy of sitting in a classroom with The Charlotte Film School is watching local professionals express their love and excitement about this art/craft/sport of filmmaking. To be a student is to sit before them as the teacher has  distilled years of experience and learning (whether self-taught or formal) into bite-sized chunks for students to learn. Most of the men and women who take these classes have already been producing work and savor the chance to learn in person from a professional such as yourself. Please share what you’ve learned, you’ll find an eager audience awaiting you. (We love watching excerpts of your work as examples in the class!) We want you to reconnect with your own Original Excitement and we want to be right there with you.

3. Connect with new people

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-A teacher from Spring, 2018 connected with a student who is now an intern with him.

-A teacher from Spring, 2018 connected with a student who is now editing for him on a freelance basis

-Over the 75 events we’ve sponsored, co-sponsored or promoted for others in our first year alone (5/17-5/18), we’ve seen people connect and collaborate in ways that would not have happened otherwise. What can we do for you? We’ll help you connect with new people.