Our Mission

The Charlotte Unconventional Film School…

Brings together the best working professional filmmakers and the men and women who want to learn from them through in-person workshops and classes. We meet in clean, modern spaces and all of our teachers are down-to-earth and experts in their fields.

Organizes dozens of events including film screenings, cast and crew calls and meetups in coffeeshops to discuss various topics, monthly “Coffee with a Film Festival Director”, monthly “Gathering of Documentary Filmmakers and Wannabes, Lunchtime screenings and discussions of short films, and a wide variety of classes and workshops.

We created Charlotte Unconventional Film School for people like you:

  • We vary racially, by age, background, interests and ethnically but share  a love of film, a curiosity about improving  our skills, an urge to create and a desire to learn filmmaking by doing filmmaking.
  • We have some experience with filmmaking but want more.
  • We know the power of this medium.
  • The only drama ’round here is what you’ll find in some of our films.
  • Our workshops are for adults 18+