About The School

Thank you your interest in the Charlotte  Film School.

We bring together local film professionals who are down-to-earth and accessible & the adults who want to learn various filmmaking skills from them. For Winter and Spring 2020, most of our classes will be on Weeknights 6:15pm-9:00pm or Saturdays.

We asked 4 people why they signed up to take workshops with us.

“I would like to improve my craft. I think I understand the process but I need to learn to pay more attention to detail. I would like to know more about I need to think about.”

“Learning with others and any chance I would have to give back.”

“I have no experience with film making so I want to learn everything I can, especially when it comes to making something that can affect people in a positive way.”

“It’s an excellent opportunity to be part of a community of folks trying to improve their filmmaking skills.”

How It All Began…

Summer of 2017, started with informal meetups in parks and coffeeshops with the intention of gathering local men and women to talk about various filmmaking related topics.

Spring of 2018 was our first semester. Starting with a cohort of ten people, we had 12 classes with 12 different local film pros as teachers. We made four short films about local non-profits at the end of our semester. Many deep friendships were built during this time and many films have been made by folks who met through that semester. In addition to the cohort, each class was open to anyone to take “a la carte” A generous grant of $7000 from the Unconventional Pilgrim’s Fund gave us what we needed to run this first semester. Our name is a tribute and a nod to these people who first believed in this vision.

Fall of 2018 we offered an array of top quality classes, this time without a previously recruited cohort of students.

Spring of 2019 we partnered with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library to offer 10 free classes on Saturdays, serving over 600 local Charlotte men and women.

Spring of 2019 we partnered with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library to offer 10 Saturday Filmmaking workshops. More than 600 seats were filled at these 10 workshops. These were offered for free to the community.

Fall of 2019 we are partnering again with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library to offer three types of classes this fall including two sessions of a four-week Documentary Filmmaking class, a one-day session on screenwriting and four small-group (only 15 people permitted) hands-on classes on four different Saturdays (can only attend one of the four) where we will film scenes. In addition to these, we are currently (August 2019) solidifying our schedule and will feature classes in Spanish and English plus ten various classes on Wednesdays. keep checking out our page on meetup which is the most up to date place where we put our info: https://www.meetup.com/Charlotte-Independent-Filmmaking-Meetup/